2013 Pitzer Ranch InvitationalMinimize

 The HP Ranch Horse Invitational, is a competition for the get of studs on Pitzer Ranch's list of qualified sires between the age of 4 & 6.  Horses compete in 5 events as well as confirmation.  The competition started in 2011 with 39 horses, 2012 included 57 horses and 63 in 2013.  The 5 events include Ranch Trail, 1-Man Sorting, Heading, Heeling, & Ranch Barrels.

 Rusty, the 2009 gelding we sold at the 2012 Fall Sale was eligible to compete this year as a 4-year-old.  It was very exciting to see him compete and do a great job!
Rusty crossing the river in the trail class:
Rusty getting ready to load in the trailer to end his trail course: